Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, Duke Amos calls Houston home. In 2008 Duke Amos moved to Houston to pursue a law degree and received that law degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 2012. After graduating from Thurgood, Duke went on to practice at the The Fulton Law Group for 4 years where he practice primarily business litigation with a concentration in multi-family real estate. After the four years, Duke Amos opened up the The Amos Law Firm where his primary focus continues to be personal injury and multi-family real estate. Shortly after opening his firm, Duke opened up his second business EnRoute Mobile Tire Service.

Although Duke juggles both businesses on a daily basis, his joy comes out of serving the community. As a teen Duke Amos understood the value of what a suit could do and the doors that it opened for him during his search for employment and as a professional. That same understanding led him and the other co-founders to want to start a program for young adult males who would also see the potential that a suit could do for them as they graduated from high school and pursued a college degree. From that understanding, came Suits for Success. With the assistance and leadership of his co-founders, Duke believes that courses such as Suit for Success can make a phenomenal impact on teens. Through mentorship, leadership, guidance, and the application of every day professional tools, Duke believes that Suit for Success acts as a step propelling graduating seniors to the next arena of their life.