Vernon is a Houston native who attended public school with the Houston Independent School District, K-12. Upon receiving his high school diploma from Lamar High School he attended Sam Houston State University. He would go on to graduate, earning his Bachelors in Business with a concentration in Finance. After completing his undergraduate studies, Vernon began working with the WNBA Houston Comets as Business Operations Manager until the team departed from Houston. Subsequently, Vernon started his career in procurement/supply chain management as a government contractor working in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Vernon also owns an online shoe boutique; his love for sneakers has allowed him to turn his passion for sneakers into a profit. The boutique specializes in selling rare and limited sneakers at an affordable price from customers ranging from professional athletes to high school students. Vernon is an known as an influencer in the Houston sneaker culture and pride’s himself on being on the forefront of fashion.

Although Vernon is active in several organizations in his community, Suits for Success is closest to his heart for many reasons. As one of the co-founders of the nonprofit it was very vital that the organization’s primary focus was to be hands on with each student. Being able to build a relationship with each student has has been instrumental in the long term progress of Suits for Success. Vernon is very passionate about helping each student understand and gain knowledge about personal finances for life after high school as he believes that subject matter is not taught enough in traditional classroom settings.